Charlie Fewell
Charlie Fewell
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Fill 'er Up with Fewell

Charlie Fewell helps business people improve their performance outcomes and the execution of vital business processes through keynote presentations, on-site training, or multi-day consulting engagements. Charlie works in full partnership with business owners, sales professionals, and managers to:

  • Build value-based relationships inside and outside the company
  • Create a sustainable financial model and operations infrastructure
  • Develop the potential that resides within the people who are the face of your organization

Charlie has worked with people in business, from Fortune 500s to owner-managed operations, across a diverse range of industry sectors including legal, automotive, insurance, wholesale distribution, and medical.
Charlie Fewell grew up hanging out in an automotive repair shop, figuring out how things work and why sometimes they don't. His buddies showed him how to take things apart, look at what they are made of, and put them back together so that they work a little better than they did before. Charlie still does these things—just not in a garage anymore. (Although if you call him on a Saturday morning you are as likely as not to find him under the hood of his truck.)
His results-oriented solutions are tailored for the issues affecting your business. These differ from sector to sector but Charlie's core values never change:

  1. Authenticity: the Charlie Fewell experience is unique. His character, charisma, and humor are infectious and he believes in providing solutions that others cannot emulate.
  2. Understanding: Charlie takes the time to understand your business and its unique challenges. A Charlie Fewell solution is fully customized to your requirements.
  3. Rapport: Charlie's success has been all about connecting with people. A Charlie Fewell presentation, seminar, or consultation always takes the collaborative approach—working with you, not preaching to you.
  4. Results: Charlie's ultimate goal is always to get the best results from your business and transform your bottom line.

Charlie is all about fueling the change that transforms business results. If you believe that you could be getting more out of your people or that your company is just inches away from breaking through to the next level, get Charlie in to shake things up. He has a way of bringing organizations to the place they always hoped to be. Some people call this leadership... Charlie Fewell makes it happen.

Charlie Fewell
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Charlie Fewell
Charlie Fewell

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